Microwave Repair

No one realizes how much they rely on their microwave until they suddenly don’t have one anymore.

Microwaves heat your food differently than your stove top which uses direct heat, and your oven which uses indirect heat to heat the air around your food which then cooks your food. In a microwave the unit cooks with microwaves that pass through the container and your food to excite molecules in the food which generates heat. Because of this cooking process it is important to know exactly what kinds of containers are best to use in your microwave.

Glass and Ceramic are your best bet to cook in your microwave. There is microwave safe plastic containers which are perfectly find to use, but many folks steer clear of them as some chemicals can leach into the food from the plastic, depending on the type of plastic you are using. When you use plastic, you want to opt for a BPA free container.

Should your microwave stop heating or lose power all together, always call a professional to check it out! The major components in your microwave pack some power and you need a trained technician to safely diagnose and repair your unit.

Common Microwave Issues We Fix

Not heating

Will not Open

Fried Electronics

Runs For a Few Seconds and Shuts Off

Display is Blank

Will Not Power Up