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Washer Machine Repair

Your washing machine is a vital appliance that keeps the household moving. When your washer suddenly stops working it brings your day to day activities to a screeching halt.

Before loading your washer, be sure to inspect clothes for keys, coins, pens, and other knickknacks kids like to keep in their pockets. Many of our service calls for washers find these items lodged in the drain pumps and this can cause costly repairs!

Your washer should never be overloaded, clothes that are packed in too tightly only get partially clean, and loads that are too heavy can cause your washer to shift out of position and create balance issues during the spin cycle. This can eventually damage the washers frame and motor which are costly repairs.

New efficiency standards in the appliance industry mean that the washers today are quite different from the ones you grew up with! Be sure to read your use and care guide for your specific machine to learn about how much detergent to use, what kinds of detergent to use, normal water levels, and proper cleaning protocols.

Common Washing Machine Issues We Fix


Cycle Not Advancing

Not Draining

Not Spinning

Not Filling with Water

Not Responding to Controls


Drain Pump Replacement

Fried Electronics

Error Codes

Locked and Will Not Open