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Oven / Range Repair

Your oven/range gets more use than any other appliance in your household. As a centerpiece to your kitchen and what keeps your family fed, it is important to be sure it is running in tip top shape.

Clean ovens will last longer and heat food more evenly, keeping your oven clean will give you more bang for your buck. If you need to run a self clean cycle, be sure to do it several weeks before a big cooking event like Easter or Thanksgiving as the high temperatures will test the durability of electrical components which could unveil a problem. You want to be sure that is taken care of well before the holiday.

Extreme heat and frequent use wears on your oven, you want to be sure this essential kitchen appliance is running efficiently.

Common Oven & Range Issues We Fix

Bake/Broil Not Working

Stove Top Not Working

Control Panel Unresponsive

Fried Electronics

Temperature Calibration

Gas Not Working Correctly

Not Holding Temperature

Convection Not Working


Will Not Unlock